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Exploring host-pathogen interaction

  WP2: Study of the host-pathogen interaction 

Are there TB specific metabolite profiles in exhaled breath?

Studying differential T-cell markers for TB infection and disease

Looking for a multiparametric paediatric diagnostic algorithm

Primary immunodeficiencies and TB

Improving diagnostics

  WP3: Development of new diagnostic methods 

Automated image analysis – the future of X-rays

M. tuberculosis antigen detection by ICT in urine

Development  of a diagnostic test for infections caused by non-tuberculous mycobacteria

Facing drug resistance

Development and testing of a new POC for detecting drug resistance

Finding new signal systems based on nanoparticles

LPA and 96-well – new platforms for resistance

Elaboration of a GeneXpert Ultra Consensus Document

Studying circulating resistances using the Deeplex platform

  WP4: Development of tests for  multi/extensively drug-resistant TB detection  


  WP5: Development of new therapeutic strategies  

Black Sea bacteria - new drugs source

Gallium activity against M. tuberculosis

Encapsulating new anti-TB compounds

Social awareness & communication

  WP6: Dissemination, communication & exploitation 

Photovoice – the “voice” of TB patients